2023 Course List

Winter 2023
January 16th – March 27th
Introduction to the New Testament
OT Hebrew Prophets
Practice of Christian Ministry
Western World – Emerging Modern Society  
Spring 2023
April 3rd- June 12th
English Composition I(As needed) 
Foundation of Women’s Ordination
Introduction to the Old Testament
Pauline Epistles
Philosophy and Christian Ethics 
Summer 2023
June 26th – August 28th
Biblical Interpretation
Christian Preaching 2 (Intensive)
Doctrine of Holiness (Intensive)
Developing a Missional Church 
Fall 2023
September 4th – November 13th
Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries 
Nazarene History and Polity
Spiritual Formation
Western World – Ancient and Medieval Times 
*Additional Classes and Webinars will be added throughout the year.  These will be highlighted on the Registration page.